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Our club mailing address is:

Roanoke Appalachian Trail Club
PO Box 12282
Roanoke, VA 24024-2282

RATC Board Of Directors

Title Name Phone
President Jim Beeson 540-986-5301
Vice President Bill Neilan 201-787-3139
Secretary Susan Terwilliger 540-808-6845
Treasurer Terri McClure
Conservation Supervisor Butch Kelly 540-384-7429
Land Management Supervisor – Vacant –
Trail Supervisor Mike Vaughn 540-992-1350
Regional Partnership
Committee Representative
David Youmans 302-528-1776
Shelter Supervisor Homer Witcher 540-266-4849
Shelter Supervisor Therese Witcher 540-266-8912
Hikemaster Josiah Leonard 540-682-3366
Newsletter Editor Bob Peckman 540-366-7780
Membership Coordinator Mark Farrell
Counselor Jason Thompson (2019-2021)
Counselor Brian Boggs (2017-2019) 954-536-5925
Counselor Anne Pfeiffer (2019-2021) 540-556-2941
Counselor Julio Stephens (2018-2020) 540-357-1902

Ancillaries (non-voting)

Title Name Phone
ATC President’s Advisory Circle Liaison Diana Christopulos
Social Chairman Scott Karns 540-525-9964
Webmaster Jonathan Eagle 540-354-3131
Alternate Regional Partnership Committee Representative Jim Beeson (2018-2020) 540-986-5301
Roanoke College Liaison Conner McBane 540-992-1350