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Our club mailing address is:

Roanoke Appalachian Trail Club
PO Box 12282
Roanoke, VA 24024-2282

RATC Board Of Directors

Title Name Phone
President Jim Beeson 540-986-5301
Vice President Bill Neilan 201-787-3139
Secretary Susan Terwilliger 540-808-6845
Treasurer Terri McClure
Conservation Supervisor Butch Kelly 540-384-7429
Land Management Supervisor Bill Neilan
Trail Supervisor* Mike Vaughn 540-992-1350
Regional Partnership
Committee Representative
Jim Beeson 540-986-5301
Shelter Supervisor Homer Witcher 540-266-4849
Shelter Supervisor Therese Witcher 540-266-8912
Hikemaster Josiah Leonard 540-682-3366
Newsletter Editor Anne Pfeiffer 540-556-2941
Membership Coordinator Steve Urbaniak 540-588-5410
Counselor Jason Thompson (2019-2021)
Counselor Brian Boggs (2017-2019) 954-536-5925
Counselor Brendle Wolfe
Counselor Julio Stephens (2018-2020) 540-357-1902
*Email to report any problems with our section of trail you encounter while out hiking. This includes trees fallen across the trail, overgrown sections of trail, or vandalism or trash seen along the trail or in the trailhead parking lots.

Ancillaries (non-voting)

Title Name Phone
Social Chairman Scott Karns 540-525-9964
Webmaster Jonathan Eagle 540-354-3131
Alternate Regional Partnership Committee Representative Bill Neilan 201-787-3139
Roanoke College Liaison Conner McBane 540-992-1350
ATC President’s Advisory Circle Liaison Diana Christopulos