Honorary RATC Lifetime Membership Award

This award is presented to a non-member who has provided substantial assistance to the club and the Trail.


The first annual Honorary RATC Lifetime Membership Award was presented (in 2014) to Lance Clark from Roanoke Cement Company.  Lance and his company have truly been great trail neighbors over the years.  The land that the beautiful Andy Layne Trail goes through belongs to them.  Last year the company made substantial improvements to the trailhead parking lot there.  Company members have periodically come out and performed maintenance on the trail.  Lance and Roanoke Cement  are a pleasure to work with on Trail issues.

IMG_1131The 2015 winner is Dave Lucas. David has also quietly put thousands of hours in on trailmaintenance. For over thirty years he has worked on the section of trail from route 220 down toTinker Creek. He goes out there regularly and cuts the grass and bushes there. He has done this all on his own. He has been a great friend of the trail and the hikers on it for many years.