We are looking for a few good men and women to volunteer to take an active part in the Roanoke Appalachian Trail Club by your participation on the board or by becoming trail maintaining volunteer. The RATC board and our faithful trail maintaining volunteers need some new….younger blood.

Will you or someone you know please give serious thought to giving a few hours each month to keep the club and trail functioning?

Our section of the AT receives rave reviews from day, section and through hikers. But we need you! If you have a little time and love the outdoors look in this Blazer for future work days and come on out. We supply the tools, instruction, camaraderie and the promise of a few sore muscles.

You wear hiking boots/shoes, clothes that can stand to get dirty and work gloves. Bring a few bottles of water, your own lunch and maybe a snack in an old day pack or Kroger bag. The work hike leader will take care of the rest. You will surely see that the young ones work harder and faster but like the hare are known to fade, and the older and more experienced maintainers have learned all about pacing and the value of good conversation.

When it comes to the board, we need some new blood there as well. We meet one Monday evening a month at a board member’s home, and spend a couple hours discussing the club’s business, plans and problems. It is an eclectic group and full of interesting personalities, but we all share a passion for the AT and take pride in its maintenance and we each in our own way take part in its protection.

You don’t need to be awesome, just willing…While the pay is zero, the benefits and friendships are as good as the desserts that always follow the meetings.

Ready to volunteer? Fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you soon!