RATC 113-Mile Club

RATC 113 Miler Patch

The 113-Mile Club began in the 1980s, when RATC maintained 113 miles of the Appalachian Trail. Our section is now a little over 120 miles long due to trail relocations and other changes, but we have kept the historic name and patch.

The 113-Mile Club recognizes RATC members who have hiked our entire section. Anyone who has been recognized for completing our section receives a specially designed patch. To receive the award, the hiker must:

  1. Be an RATC member at the time they hiked each segment of the trail.
  2. Complete all 120 miles. Hikes can be done on your own or on a scheduled club hike. There is no time limit to the program.
  3. Document and return your completion. Please download a section chart here. As with AT thru-hiking, the honor system applies. As you complete each segment, check it off. When completed, snail mail it to: RATC, PO Box 12282, Roanoke VA 24024-2282 or email it to the Hikemaster. We will send you a RATC 113-Mile patch.

One patch is given for no charge to each hiker who completes the 120 miles. Any additional the hiker would like can be purchased here. Hikers are listed in the order in which they complete the patch with the most current on the top of the list.

Member Name Year Completed
Paul Goodwin 2022
Wayne Leftwich 2021
Jennifer Alcorn 2021
Bryan Alcorn 2021
Jonathan Harris 2021
Blake Adkins 2021
Connie Edwards 2020
Rachel Ruhlen 2020
Ryan Stevens 2020
Clare Weaver 2019
Kenneth Myers 2019
Bill Hackworth 2018
William Neilan 2018
Andrea Brattier 2018
Dave Socky 2018
David Wickersham 2018
Chris Venable 2017
Stewart Harsant 2017
Judy Repass and dog Bennett 2017
Sissy Logan 2017
Colleen Gentry 2017
Matt Gentry 2017
Tim Ligon 2017
Cynthia Munley 2017
Joe Berney 2017
Michael Lee 2017
Donna Williams 2016
Greg Edwards 2016
Evan Lukow 2016
Gary Flora 2016
Sandie Meyers 2016
Craig Meyers 2016
Ernest (EJ) Alfred 2016
Jim Beeson 2016
Brian Voyles 2016
Wesley Schmidt 2016
Brian Mason 2016
Susan Powell 2016
Kathryn Herndon 2016
Clifton Wimberley 2015
Molly Armistead 2015
Jerry Anderson 2015
Michael Morris 2015
Michael Hopkins 2015
Jeff Monroe 2014
Tommy Stroupe 2014
Sally Evans 2014
Michael Hopkins 2014
Tommy Stroupe 2014
Maya Bohler 2013
Jim Webb 2013
Ed Burgess 2013
Madeleine Taylor & dog Sassy 2013
Carina Hughes 2012
Timo Grueneberg 2011
David Leaman 2011
Julio Stephens 2011
Jim Walke 2010
Diana Christopulos 2008
Mike Vaughn 2008
Michael Ellery 2007
H.R. Blankenship 2007
Carl Cornett 2007
John Miller 2007
Mike Rieley 2007
Larry Austin 2006
Vicky Herrala 2006
Dave Miller 2006
Lois Smith 2005
Kenny Garrett 2003
Laura Montague 2003
Fred Coughlan 1999
Bennett Witcher 1994
May Drinkard 1992
Barbara Duerk 1992
Gary Duerk 1992
Donna Guill 1992
Donna Niemi 1992
Doug Niemi 1992
Taylor Witcher 1991
Homer Witcher 1986
Therese Witcher 1986