RATC In the News

Below are news stories featuring the Roanoke Appalachian Trail Club or its members.

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2015 July 22 Bear alert issued for McAfee Knob area

2015 July 1 Eshelman: It’s just you and the trail(work)

2013 July 19 RATC Members Lyndell and Peggy Bryant win Salute to Senior Service Award (The Roanoke Times)

2013 July 19 A circle tour of the Peaks of Otter (WDBJ7)

2013 May 16 ATC provided grant for T4T and Roanoke Appalachian Trail Club partnership in Kiosk (The Roanoke Times)

2013 May 1 Volunteers in Botetourt County are clearing the way (WDBJ7)

2013 March 11 Appalachian Trail Conservancy recognizes Roanoke Valley volunteer: Vince Mier maintains a 5-mile segment of the Appalachian Trail near Roanoke (WDBJ7)

2013 February 28 Roanoke Appalachian Trail club members weigh in on sequestration effects (WDBJ7)

2012 October 4 Greenway Coordinator Liz Belcher Honored at 10th Annual Women of Achievement Awards Ceremony (The Roanoke Times)

2012 September 25 Roanoke County Fire and Rescue Receives Award for Appalachian Trail Rescues (The Roanoke Times)

2012 August 17 Sunset high: A hike to McAfee Knob (The Roanoke Times)

2012 July 25 Using new technology, WDBJ7 does a live shot from McAfee Knob in Roanoke County (WDBJ7) A news broadcast from the top of McAfee Knob which is maintained by the RATC.

2012 July 12 Volunteers clearing the Appalachian Trail of blown-down trees (The Roanoke Times)

2012 July 11 Crews making progress clearing storm damage from the Appalachian Trail (WDBJ7)

2012 June 2 Troutville tells people to take a hike (The Roanoke Times)

2012 March 12 Girl Scouts mark centennial with Appalachian Trail section hike (WDBJ7) This article focuses on a project spearheaded by RATC hike leader Barbara Duerk

2012 February 13 Snow, Cold, and Wind—A Beautiful Day for a Hike (WDBJ7)

2011 October 16 Trail Stories: Hiking Principal (WDBJ7)

2011 September 5 Trail Stories: Poor Mt. Natural Area Reserve (WDBJ7)

2011 August 26 Trail Stories: Punchbowl Mountain rewards avid hikers with great views of the James River (WDBJ7)

2011 August 15 Trail Stories: McAfee Knob (WDBJ7)

2010 December 28 Appreciation: Math teacher Charles Parry devoted himself to the Appalachian Trail (The Roanoke Times)

2009 June 8 AT bridge in Botetourt was built for more than hikers (The Roanoke Times)

2008 June 13 Urban escape: The Lick Run Greenway has plenty to see, but does not get a great deal of attention. (The Roanoke Times)

2008 March 28 Full moon lit way on night hike (The Roanoke Times)

2007 August 7 It takes a band to blaze a trail (The Roanoke Times)

2007 January 28 Weather Doesn’t Stop Trail Maintenance (The Roanoke Times)

2006 March 26 Colors of spring (The Roanoke Times)

2002 November 12 Follow the Witcher family along the Appalachian Trail (The Roanoke Times)