Wilson Mountain/Pine Ridge Circuit (11.6 miles) – Strenuous

10 miles from meeting location. $1.00 carpool fee.

This hike will encompass three trails, a short bushwhack, a logging road and a dirt/gravel road. We will start at the Sprouts Run/Wilson Mountain trailhead near Arcadia. We will ascend Wilson Mountain gaining about 1200 feet elevation in 2.5 miles. There will be 3 creek crossings at the beginning. Views of the Solitude Valley, James River and mountains to west. After completing Wilson Mountain Trail, we will take a gated Forest Service road a short distance and then bushwhack about 1/4 mile down to land on the Sprouts Run Trail (upright hopefully). We will utilize about 3/4 mile of the upper end of Sprouts Run Trail with 3 creek crossings. We then veer off onto an old logging road for about a mile with numerous downed trees to navigate. We will have a short but steep climb prior to reaching the Pine Ridge Trail. Views to both east and west plus 4 wildlife ponds along the way. We follow the Pine Ridge Trail for 5 miles until it ends at Solitude Road. We then walk about 1.4 miles on this road to reach our starting point.

Please bring at least 2 liters of water, lunch and any snacks you desire.

No Pets.