Wilderness First Aid class

MEDIC Solo Wilderness Medicine School is hosting a WFA course Sept 2-4. 2017 at the Mountain Lake Biological Station in Pembroke, VA

UNIQUE BONUS – THIS CLASS ONLY – AMOUNTAIN-TOP WEEKEND RETREAT! This class normally is crammed into 2 packed days 8:30am – 6:45pm. The most common feedback is folks wish it were spread out over 3 days. This is the ONLY opportunity this year to do exactly that. This will be one of the most enjoyable course experiences all year long. By spreading it out over 3days and at this beautiful location, we will enjoy:
> Longer lunch breaks, beside a lake with a sandy beach and free boat(s) to paddle
> Late afternoons off, to explore on-site trails, take a dip, relax on the beach, etc.
> Evening cookouts
> Sunset short hike to a beautiful Appalachian Trail rock outcropping
> Night-time big campfire circle fun
> Optional CPR class, and optional super-cheap lodging (see below)
> All up at an elevation of 3,800 feet in a beautiful mountain-top setting.
This weekend will be enriching and fun on so many levels!

>> TIMING: This is a 3-day class, Saturday through Monday (Labor Day) September 2 – 4, starting at 8am each day. Each day will end at a different time; on Labor Day we’ll finish the course at 3:30pm.

>> LODGING (optional): A bed in an on-site cabin is just $9/night, a short drive away there’s free camping along the Appalachian Trail, and just a bit further is a forest service campground.

>> CPR/AED/CHOKING for ADULT/CHILD/INFANT certification course (optional): Friday eve September 1st, 7pm – 10pm, most fun CPR course you’ll ever take — no sleepy DVD, instead lots of hands-on scenario practice. $45 (for comparison, another reputable org now charges $70!).

>> FEE: $185 (note: another organization in the region charges $265! You save $80, thanks in part to Walkabout Outfitter’s sponsorship of this class).
>> Charity Fundraising: Walkabout Outfitter and MEDIC will donate to nonprofit org Mountain Lake Biological Station, 10% of course proceeds.

Course INFO, ONLINE REGISTRATION, other locations & dates: http://www.solowfa.com/