Wilderness First Aid certification course

[This course event is now FULL.  If you’re not confirmed & paid up, I hope to get to meet and work with you in the next Blacksburg-area course, September 3 – 5.  There are other fun locations coming up as well, including in Virginia Beach near state park cabins/camping/beach/trails.  Dates, info, and registration is all at www.solowfa.com ]

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>> WHO: Open to the general public, adults & youths ages 12+ with solid attention spans. Know your loved ones are safe wherever they are.

>> WHAT: DISASTER + TRAVEL + WILDERNESS FIRST AID Certification Course: Hands-on learn how to save life & limb, when mired in the wilderness of an urban disaster zone, travel or rural area far from hospital, or natural area miles from an access point, during the critical minutes or hours before ambulance arrival. Blend of classroom instruction and hands-on problem-solving rescue scenario practice. Come away with actual do-it-yourself care-giving skill and confidence. No prerequisites.

>> TIMING: This is a 2-day class, Saturday and Sunday, 8:30am – 6:30pm each day.

>> WHEN: April 9-10, 8:30am – 6:30pm each day both days. THIS COURSE IS FILLING QUICKLY – when you register at www.solowfa.com you’ll see if it’s full, and you’ll see when/where are other dates & locations.

>> FLYER: www.solowfa.com/forms/dwfa-flyer.pdf

>> Fee: $185 (note another less-reputable organization charges $240) >> INFO / TO REGISTER: www.solowfa.com or 434-INJURED (434-465-8733)

Spaces are limited.