White Rock Tower Trail

This trail starts on a road that accessed a former fire tower and now forms a boundary for the Rich Hole Wilderness, just off Interstate 64 west of Lexington.  The road climbs steeply at times before reaching a ridge top with views west of the Cowpasture Valley and Griffith Knob in the Rough Mountain Wilderness.  The trail follows the ridge for a while, ending at a point where the group can decide to follow the trail back to the parking lot or bushwhack a loop back to parking.  Roanoke hikers meet at 8:00, and meet Charlottesville-based hike leader and his carpool at trailhead at 9:00.  Details to follow for those signing up through Meetup.

Total distance: about 8-9 miles.  Total ascent: 2,870 feet. Strenuous.

PLEASE NOTE: In the event that too many people sign up, priority will be given to members of the RATC and PATC-Charlottesville Chapter, and not to who signed up first.  Membership to be determined based on your answer in your Meetup bio to the question, “Are you a dues paying member of the RATC?” so update that if necessary.