Troutville Trail Days Hike: Tinker Cliffs (strenuous)

This strenuous hike is a great opportunity to see the views from Tinker Cliffs, guided by the Catawba Mountain Ridgerunner (who is also an RATC section overseer!)

This is a Troutville Trail Days event, so the group will gather at Troutville Town Park at 10 am and return to the park after the hike to enjoy the festival. Live music, BBQ cook-off, and all sorts of fun activities will be going on late into the evening, so plan to make a day of it!

Please note there is a hard limit of 12 hikers. If this hike fills up, check out all the other hikes and outings planned as part of Troutville Trail Days!

The hike is approximately 8 miles round trip and features a tough climb and challenging terrain. If you aren’t sure you’re ready for this challenge in the heat of June, you may want to save Tinker Cliffs for cooler weather.

Tinker Cliffs offers a spectacular panoramic view of Catawba Valley, along with interesting boulders and crags. From the Andy Layne Trail parking lot, you’ll cross Catawba Creek before beginning the steep climb to the A.T. at Scorched Earth Gap. From the gap, it’s another half mile southbound on the A.T. to the cliffs.

Please pack a lunch and bring at least 2 liters of water. Wear appropriate close-toed footwear for a long hike and bring sun protection (sunscreen / hat) as well as a raincoat, warm layer, and other day hike essentials.

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