Terrapin Mountain Loop

Basics: Length — 10.1 miles; Difficulty — Club Strenuous, Josiah Hike — Moderate; What to bring — Standard hiking gear (10 essentials), lunch, money (or car) for the carpool; Carpool fee — 41 miles from the Roanoke meeting spot, so $4.50 per rider, 15 miles from Bedford, so $1.50 per rider from there; Highlights — exceptional viewpoints, mountain streams, a few small waterfalls.

Detailed Description: This is a very scenic, but also steep loop on the eastern edge of the Blue Ridge. We’ll meet at the time above at the Challenger Avenue Walmart in eastern Roanoke County. If we have anyone coming from Bedford, Lynchburg, or the Lake, we can also figure out a meeting time and place in Bedford as it is on the way.

The first three miles of the loop are steeply uphill — about 2,100 feet in those three miles. 700 feet per mile is nothing to sneeze at. We’ll stop at the top to take in the remarkable views, eat, and rest for a spell, but then it’s a fairly easy hike the rest of the way as it is downhill to Reed Creek and then flat / rolling along the base of the mountain back to the parking area. Reed Creek is wide and deep, so be prepared to wade the stream as dry rock hopping is unlikely. Hiking Upward has a good description of the loop: https://www.hikingupward.com/JNF/TerrapinMountain/