Sinking Creek Relocation – Open’er Up!

We’ll be finishing up the Sinking Creek relo before next spring’s thru-hiker season. We’ve got some rock steps to install and some more sidehill to dig before we can put up the white blazes and decommission the old section of A.T. Before we open this up to hikers we want to get it in tip-top shape. We’ve got experienced trail builders coming in from RATC, NBATC, PATC, and quite a few Konnarock alumni – come out and join us!

Here’s the deal: We’re setting aside Wednesday, November 28 through Monday, December 3 to work and finish the relo. Mountain Shepherd Wilderness Survival School has generously donated their facility for us to use during these dates for folks who are interested in helping out multiple days. That means we’ll have heated bunkrooms (bring your sleeping bag), showers, a big kitchen, and a great place to use as a base camp. Cold breakfasts, lunches, and hot dinners will be provided by ATC and RATC. Janet Gibbons has graciously offered to play her camp coordinator role – cooking dinners and managing our appetites.

Depending on the number of volunteers we have out working, we may or may not need the full six days, but we’ve got’em if we need’em. Everyone is welcome to join us when you can, and you don’t need to participate every day. If we finish before Dec 3, we’ll paint some white blazes, checkdam & rehab the old A.T., give each other high-fives, pack up, and head home.

ATC & RATC will provide PPE – hardhats, safety glasses, work gloves, shin guards.

ATC & RATC will provide all tools.

If you join us for the day make sure to bring plenty of water, layers for warmth, lunch, long pants, heavy duty work/hiking boots, and lots of energy! If you plan to join us just for one day, please let Josh Kloehn know if you’re interested in driving over with the group and having dinner (there’s a question from Meetup before you finalize your RSVP).

If you’ll be working several days and are interested in staying over at the Mountain Shepherd facility (and having meals with us), please let Josh Kloehn know – there’s a question Meetup will ask you before you finalize your RSVP.

For folks interested, the large group will be meeting at 11am at Mountain Shepherd (57 Hemlock Ridge Ln, Catawba, VA 24070) on Nov 28, and carpooling over to the VA Rte 630 A.T. trailhead. You’re welcome to carpool over with the large group, or drive separately to 630 trailhead (keep in mind, parking is limited at the 630 lot).