Rich Hole Wilderness North

A hard and long 13.8 miles; Very Strenuous 

$5.50 carpool fee, 45 miles from Roanoke 

This hike is in the Rich Hole Wilderness Area which burned in April, 2012. The fire burned away the brush but left the canopy intact. Part of the hike includes 3.5 miles of a ridge bushwhack which will require some rock scrambling and brush busting. The return leg is along North Branch Simpson Creek so we have varied terrain on this lollipop-shaped hike. This is a tough hike and the brush regrows a bit every year. If you want a challenge, please join me. Distance: A hard and long 13.8 miles which has taken as long as 9 hours, which could be less depending on fitness. 

Group size is limited to the first 15 people to rsvp. 

John Merkwan 540-904-2299