RATC Hike #10: Pine Swamp (VA 635) to Johns Creek (VA 632 / Johns Creek Road)

• What we’ll do
This hike is a strenuous 13.2 mile hike. We’ll meet at Orange Market and divide into two groups. One group will start from VA 635 and the other group will start from VA 632. We’ll do a key swap during the hike and then meet back at the Orange Market after the hike. Here is the trail description for the people hiking north: From Stony Creek Valley the trail climbs 1,100 feet in one mile to the heavily wooded northern slope of Big Mountain. It passes the Bailey Gap Shelter at 3.6 miles. The trail then winds through the 11,172-acre Mountain Lake Wilderness. At 7.6 miles it passes Wind Rock on Potts Mountain, which provides the best view point of the hike. The trail passes War Spur Shelter at 12.4 miles.

Carpool fee: $7.00

• What to bring
2 liters of water, warm layers, rain gear, lunch and snacks for the day

• Important to know
Please make sure you have well-broken in hiking shoes/boots.