RATC Annual Meeting and Guest Speaker Presentation

Kick off your winter doldrums! Celebrate RATC triumphs! Recognize and be recognized at the annual RATC meeting and hootenanny. RATC and its volunteer members will be celebrated for their esteemed service to the club and its mission. Inspired by the whetting foment, discover new levels of self-actualization in 2019 as you commit to engage in RATC projects and service.
Share your favorite prepared recipe at this potluck extravaganza. Delight in the scrumptious flavor of Brian Boggs’ olive aspic. Discuss the fine art of finger painting with Mark Farrell. Primarily, the main event will be, arranged by Pres. Jim Beeson, Carol and Jim Steiner present a program on day hiking the AT. Their website www.atdayhiker.com provides a nice summary of their program and book. Its gonna be an inspirational rocker!
Authors Carol and Jim Steiner will join us at our annual meeting March 16 to share unique ideas for day hikes on the Appalachian Trail. While day hiking more than nine hundred miles of the trail over the last ten years, the couple has published The Appalachian Trail Day Hikers’ Guide: Downhill to Fine Wine and Accommodations— Georgia, North Carolina, and Tennessee. Later books will cover other portions of the trail.

Published in March of last year, the book encourages day hikers to explore the communities close to the trail before or after hikes. Along with a comprehensive guide for planning the ultimate day hike, the book has information on exciting stops at waterfalls, wineries, museums, pottery shops, and more in nearby towns. There are suggestions for dining and accommodations, including some of the places Carol and Jim have enjoyed on their own hiking expeditions.

Whether you are looking for short, moderate hikes or adventures that are longer and more challenging, you will find hikes to meet your needs outlined in the book. Along with detailed outlines of suggested hikes, the book gives readers a peek into Carol’s hiking journals. Readers can hike vicariously along with her as she describes meetings with fellow hikers and hidden gems discovered on the trail, such as the site of an old cheese factory and gravestones dating back to the civil war.

Other topics in the book include fitness programs to prepare you for a hike, shuttle services to and from the trail, tips for choosing hiking gear, and advice on what to pack. The couple also details favorite stops close to the trail, such as North Carolina’s Fontana Dam, where some 5,000 workers labored around the clock to build the dam in record time to provide power to nearby industries during World War II.

Residents of Atlanta, the couple have been day hiking since 2007 and hike several sections of the trail each year. Follow them on facebook/theatdayhiker/. Visit their website, www.atdayhiker.com. Contact them at theatdayhiker@gmail.com.