RAPP Hike #6 – Bike/Hike Sawmill Branch to Tinker Cliffs

Unlike previous hikes in the RAPP (Roanoke Area Parks & Preserves) Series, this hike is more of a butt kicker than a leg stretcher. Another twist is that we will bike segments 1 and 3 and hike segment 2. Overall, our miles biking will be roughly equal to our miles hiking.

If you do not have an annual pass for Carvins Cove you must bring $3.00 with you and put it in an envelope at the sign board. This is a required day-use fee for Carvins Cove.

Participants will need a bike with fat tires and multiple gears, a helmet and at least average biking skills. A full-fledged mountain bike is not required. Consider carefully the gear you will need for biking and for hiking. Be sure to bring a lunch. I will be bringing a spare tube, tire, pump and tools.

Meet at the Carvins Cove Bennett Springs Parking Area. From there we will bike the Happy Valley Fire Road 3.6 miles to the second Arrowhead Trail junction. We will ditch the bikes there and hike Arrowhead to the Sawmill Branch Trail. We’ll follow the Sawmill Branch Trail to the AT near Lambert’s Meadow. From there we will head south on the AT as far as the group wants to go but no further than Tinker Cliffs. We will return to our vehicles by retracing our steps.

A map of Carvins Cove trails is available online if you are interested.

Hiking in the rain is not so bad, but the grit from biking in the rain on a gravel road is murder on your chain, sprockets and bearings, so if the chance of rain is 25% or higher this event may be rescheduled. Please check the MeetUp page the morning of the event. If it’s a no-go I’ll try to have that information out there no later than 7:45.