RAPP Hike #3 – Happy Hollow Gardens Park

This is the third hike in the RAPP (Roanoke Area Parks and Preserves) Series. The purpose of the RAPP Series is to highlight hiking opportunities in the Roanoke Valley and surrounding area through a series of weekday leg-stretcher hikes.

Happy Hollow is one of the shorter and easier hikes in the RAPP Series. One can hike all the trails in a two mile circuit but to make for a more sporting hike we will treat it as an out-n-back resulting in a total of roughly four miles.

In general, Happy Hollow is a pleasant walk in the woods with a cascading stream along one section of trail. There are a few minor points of interest, but nothing spectacular (unless you’re there when the azaleas are blooming).

DRIVING DIRECTIONS: From Rt. 419 turn west on Keagy Road. Go not quite 2/10 of a mile and turn left on Sugar Loaf Mountain Road. Continue for 3.3 miles to the entrance of Happy Hollow. Note that at one point the name of Sugar Loaf Mountain Road changes to Mt. Chestnut Road. You don’t need to do anything. Just keep going on Mt. Chestnut Road. Once Mt. Chestnut Road starts going downhill be alert for the small, short “Happy Hollow” sign on your right. Turn right and park in the gravel lot on the left side of the road.