Pompey, Mt Pleasant, Cole (Cold) Mt

This is a strenuous hike of 12.3 miles consisting of a double loop, with 3200 feet of elevation gain, but some really nice views from the top of three mountains. The trail head is east of Buena Vista, 65 miles (1:35 minutes) from Roanoke. There will be a $3.00 carpool fee. Starting from the trail head, we will head east and obtain the summit of Pompey. From there we will head south for the summit of Mt Pleasant, where there are some really nice views. We will then double back but traverse the ridge line to the southwest of Pompey back to the trail head. From there the trail heads south and then southwest until we cross Little Cove Creek, at which point we will gain all our lost elevation back to obtain the summit of Cole (Cold) Mountain. The summit is actually the top of a broad ridge which is mostly grassy meadows. From the top of Cole, it is a pleasant hike of about 1 to 2 miles back to the trail head.