Pajama Hike to Buffalo Mountain (Kid Friendly)

Wear your favorite pair of pajamas and hike to the top of Buffalo Mountain! Located in Floyd County in the vicinity of Mabry Mill, the hike goes to the summit of Buffalo Mountain with extraordinary views in all directions. The distinctive shape of Pilot Mountain in North Carolina is visible in the distance on a clear day. A network of unofficial trails lead to various points on the edge of the mountain’s massive rock face.

It boasts an amazing 13 rare plant occurences, 3 rare animal occurences, and 6 significant natural communities. The combination of high-elevation (3,971 feet), wind-exposed openings at the summit, and magnesium rich soils make it unlike any place else in the Commonwealth.

This is a perfect hike for kids, combing interesting habitat and amazing views at the top. This is a hike you’ll definitely not want to miss!