North Mountain and Pete’s Cave

Basics — Difficulty: Strenuous, but not overly so; Length: 15.2 miles (but participants could shorten the length since this is an out-and-back); Carpool Fee: just under 40 miles, so we’ll round to $4.00; What to Bring: Basic hiking gear (10 essentials), Lunch, Money for carpool or car; Highlights: Pleasant woods walk and great views.

Detailed Description — This route starts in the Longdale Furnance area. We follow an old woods road, then turn onto the North Mountain Trail. We’ll climb to the gap, then climb to the crest of North Mountain. We’ll follow the ridge to Pete’s Cave, a rocky area that is more akin to Devil’s Marbleyard than a cave, then continue north almost to the road crossing to another great view from rock outcrops. We then turn around and retrace our steps to the vehicles. We will likely want to stop for refreshments on the way home.