Hoop Hole Circuit

9.5 miles; Strenuous; $2.00 carpool fee

This double loop hike starts on Craig Creek Rd in the Jefferson National Forest about 8 miles west of Eagle Rock. Starting on the lower loop, we follow the Hipes Branch Creek, passing a nice camp site along the banks before heading uphill to the intersection with the upper loop. Heading up to Bald Knob on the upper loop, the trail passes a small saddle before reaching the ridge of Pine Mountain. After a little over a mile on the ridge, we descend the eastern side of Pine Mt. passing the Iron Ore Trail that leads to Roaring Run. The hike continues down for the next couple of miles passing another large campsite before reaching the lower loop intersection. The next 1.2 miles descends the lower loop crossing Stoney Run several times before reaching the parking area. This is a good time to do the upper loop as the stinging nettles make this unhikeable in the summer months. Be prepared to get you feet wet on the creek crossings of the lower loop!