Hiking 4 trails @ Carvins Cove-Rattlin Run, Songbird, Tuck-A-Way and Four Gorge.

*Please keep your RSVP current, update them as needed if your plans change*

This will be about an 8 mile hike on at least 4 trails located in Carvins Cove Natural Reserve. This is an overall moderate to strenuous rated hike and there is a $3 per person kiosk fee at the park. Carpooling is a great option for those who care too, please work out the carpooling details amongst yourselves if you choose to go that route.

We will meet at the Bennett Springs Parking Area at 10am.

Within minutes of downtown Roanoke are hundreds of miles of trails ready for you to explore. Leave the asphalt, cars, and noise behind and lose yourself while taking a walk in the woods. From the well-known Appalachian Trail and its most photographed point, McAfee Knob, to some hidden gems such as Harkening Hill or Hoop Hole Trail, there’s a hike that suits every type of adventurer.



Outdrz Gear will be available with multi-item discounts available – https://www.outdrz.net/– visit my site for more details, or email any questions to info@outdrz.net