Ft. Lewis Mountain (Havens Wildlife Management Area)

Basic Information — Length: 12.0 miles; Difficulty: Moderate to Strenuous; Carpool Fee: About 10 miles, so $1.00; What to Bring: Basic hiking gear (10 essentials), Money or car for carpool, lunch, and an approved form of entry onto DGIF property (see below); Highlights: Deep woods, one commanding view for those willing to fight through a little brush.

Detailed Description — This hike will be to a rarely visited, yet surprisingly rugged mountain in many of our back yards. In fact, if you live in north Roanoke, Salem, or Glenvar, you may very well be able to see your house from the top. We start with a moderate, steady climb along the Big Bad Wolf Trail, which is actually more bark than bite and a far cry from the steepness of the nearby Elevator Shaft (which is outright brutal). Once on the ridge, we will use the forest roads and roughly hewed trails to make a loop to the northern knob of the ridge and back to the Big Bad Wolf. These trails are very lightly maintained, so make your best call as to pants or shorts.

Note: This hike is entirely on lands belonging to the Va. Dept. of Game and Inland Fisheries. All hikers must have a valid and current: freshwater fishing license, hunting license, annual entrance pass, boat registration, or a day pass for 6/28. I will not be purchasing a group pass, so you need to have or obtain one of these passes for the trip. Day passes cost $4, or if you plan to visit other WMAs, you can purchase an annual entrance pass or fishing license for $23 (good from the date of purchase): https://license.gooutdoorsvirginia.com/Licensing/LicenseCatalog.aspx (“Special License,” “461 Access Permit – Daily” if you just want a day pass).