Exotic-Invasive Removal Workhike – Craigs Creek Rd

Come on out and help us remove exotic-invasive plants that compete with native plants, create monocultures, have negative impacts on wildlife, and reduce the aesthetic value of our Trail.

We’ll be focusing on removing garlic mustard as part of ATC’s 2015 Garlic Mustard Challenge. Over the course of the year, we’re hoping to remove over 2,189 pounds of the invasive plant from GA to ME – one pound for each mile of the Trail. We’ll also be removing japanese honeysuckle, multi-floral rose, privet, japanese barberry, to name a few! We’ll be starting at Craigs Creek Rd and working our way Trail North. 

What to bring: Lunch, water, leather work gloves, and a folding saw & loppers (if you have them – tools will be provided if not).

We’ll meet at Orange Market then carpool to the project: Carpool fee of $2.00.