End of Season Gathering for the McAfee Knob Task Force

What a year it’s been for the “Virginia Triple Crown”! From bear boxes to stolen signs to dehydrated dogs to unattended fires, RATC’s Volunteer Ridgerunners have done an amazing job stewarding McAfee Knob and Dragons Tooth (and occasionally Tinker Cliffs) through an eventful spring, summer and fall.

Volunteer Ridgerunners commit to patrol the Trail April through October, so their season is wrapping up (though they are welcome to patrol during the off season if interested). Likewise, the full-time staff Catawba Mountain Ridgerunner, Matt Allenbaugh, will complete his season November 21.

Let’s get together and debrief the season, then toast RATC’s amazing volunteers at the Valley’s newest brewery!

We’ll meet at the shiny new Vinton library at 2 pm for a structured conversation to discuss the season–what went well, what didn’t, what did we learn and where should the Task Force go from here? There will be snacks, feel free to bring some to share!

Then we’ll walk across the street to the new Twin Creeks Brewing Company for some unstructured social time. Ridgerunners mostly work solo or in pairs, so this is your chance to swap stories, share strategies, and get to know the other folks in the group.

Disclaimer: the Twin Creeks Brewing Company hasn’t officially opened yet, so our backup location will be Red Jasmine Thai Restaurant. I’ll let everyone know the week of if we have to change venues for the second part of this get-together.

This event is not just for trained Volunteer Ridgerunners: anyone with an interest in the McAfee Knob Task Force or management of the Triple Crown area is welcome to join us for the meeting, the social time, or both. And friends and family are welcome too, of course! Please RSVP on meetup or to kherndon@appalachiantrail.org so we’ll know how many to expect.

Hope to see you there!
–Kathryn Herndon, kherndon@appalachiantrail.org