Crabtree Falls – Spyrock – The Priest

10.5 miles; Strenuous; 70 miles from Roanoke; $5.00 carpool fee.
Another classic falls hike, the ice formations should be beautiful mid winter. The first 6 miles of this hike are uphill as we hike up the Crabtree Falls trail and continue on to Crabtree Meadows. From there we will take the forest service road about 3/4 of a mile up to the intersection of the AT. After a short mile north on the AT to visit the Priest, we will backtrack south on the AT to the 360 degree views at Spyrock. The final 2 miles of the hike is downhill to Montebello fish hatchery. There is a short 3 mile car shuttle between the fish hatchery and Crabtree Falls parking area.