Corridor Stewardship – Catawba Mt

For those of you interested in monitoring and maintaining A.T. corridor lands and boundary line, come on out and join ATC and RATC as we bushwack, find A.T. monuments, clear a line-of-sight, refresh boundary line paint, and enjoy the A.T. without actually being on Trail!

This work trip is geared to those folks who attended the October 10 workshop, but is open to all! If you’re interested – sign up and join us! 

We’ll be focusing on boundary that parallels 311 – from the A.T. crossing south towards Roanoke. 

If you are new to boundary/corridor work, please check out more resources at ATC’s website here.

Plan for the day: 

9am – Meet at the 311/AT parking lot (McAfees Knob), and get to work

4pm – We should be done working and back to the vehicles

You should bring: work clothes (long pants) that you don’t mind getting dirty and/or yellow painted, good sturdy hiking boots/shoes, day pack, water, and work gloves. If you have a compass, please feel free to bring it. All other tools, supplies, and gear will be provided.