Continue Working on the Sinking Creek AT ReLo

Join us as we continue to work on the Appalachian Trail Relocation Project on Sinking Creek Mountain. This will be the third and final year working on this project. We’ve moved some rock on this relocation and have quite a bit more to move so join us. Last month we improved side hill. This month we’ll be working on building stone steps. We meet at the Orange Market at 8:00 AM carpool to the trailhead at Rte. 630 hike past the Keffer Oak to the worksite. Bring lunch, work gloves, plenty of water, sturdy boots, clothes you don’t mind getting really dirty. The project involves relocating a steep, eroded section of the AT with 2000 feet of new trail. The new trail will cross six massive rocky slopes and entail constructing stone steps and cutting side hill. Tools and instruction provided. This is a long term relocation project so we’ll be returning to this site regularly on the first Saturday of the month. Thru out the year. We’ll work until about 2:30 and return to the Orange Market by 4:00PM.

On another issue: There is no reason for the trip leader/organizer to be aware of any medical issues/allergies/conditions you have. However if you were injured and unable to communicate those conditions may well dictate what medical treatment needs to be provided. Consider jotting down any medical issues along with your name enclose in a ziplock and place in an external pack pocket.