Burrus Bonanza: Three Day Work Event

Roughly 10 years ago the Burrus Tract was overgrown with hawthorn, blackberry, and non-native invasive shrubs. Through the work of the Forest Service, RATC, and ATC the Burrus Tract has become a scenic open area and an early successional habitat for wildlife, primarily bird habitat. The amazing work is not yet complete. The invasive shrubs are still very pervasive and therefore the Burrus Tract work trip will be focusing on removal of Bush Honeysuckle and Autumn Olive from the Southern end of the Tract. This work will improve wildlife habitat, and provide better scenic views along the Appalachian Trail. 

We’ll be using loppers, folding saws, and chainsaws (for those who are certified) to cut out and eliminate Multifloral Rose, Bush Honeysuckle, and Autumn Olive. A 12″ wood chipper will be located near the site so that the invasive shrubs will not need to be carried down the hill…WAHOOO! 

The work site is close to the AT-Kimberling Creek crossing, very near the intersection of VA 42 & VA 606. We will be parking on the left side of VA 42 just passed VA 606. There is a short hike (5-10 min) from the parking lot to the project site.

You should bring: sturdy work clothes, boots, plenty of water, and lunch. Please bring loppers, folding saws, and gloves if you have them. 

Schedule for all three days:

Sunday June 19th- ATC and 7 CLC (Conservation Leadership Core) members head up to the Burrus Tract from Konnarock to begin work around 10 am. CLC and ATC will be camping at Walnut Flats Campground for the 3 day work trip. Anyone is welcome. 
Monday June 20th- ATC and 7 CLC members begin work at the Burrus Tract at 8 am. We plan on working early because of the heat. ATC will adjust the length of the work trip based on how the volunteers feel.  
Tuesday June 21st- ATC and 7 CLC members work at the Burrus Tract at 8 am- 2pm. We will be heading to Dismal Falls for a nice swim as a fun way to end the great work that we accomplished. Afterwards, we will pack up all of our gear from the Walnut Flats Campground and head to Konnarock for CLC’s day off.

Please feel free to join RATC, ATC, and CLC on any of the days that you want. 

Carpool info: I will not be able to meetup at the Orange Market, but for those that are interested in carpooling you can plan on meeting at Orange Market 1 hour and 15 minutes prior to the work day at Burrus. Please comment on this post if you are interested in carpooling. The carpool fee is 

Please contact Conner McBane by his cell at <a>540-525-6812</a> or email at cmcbane@appalachiantrail.org for more information. Thank you and we look forward to seeing you there!