Black Ridge Trail (Floyd VA)

Basics — Distance: Around 3 miles; Difficulty: Moderate (see below); Carpool: Roanoke Valley hikers meet at the Exit 140 Park & Ride ready to depart at 8:30 AM, New River Valley hikers meet at the Christiansburg Park & Ride at 9:00 AM; Carpool Fee: $5.00 per rider; What to Bring: Basic hiking gear and possibly a lunch or snacks.

Detailed Description — This is a short hike detailed here:

The NPS site (second trail listed on the site) rates the hike as ‘moderate’ but it seems to be at most on the easy side of moderate. I intend to park at the visitor center but do the hike in reverse of what the NPS details. We will start out on the Rock Castle Gorge Trail before taking a right onto the Black Ridge Trail.

The hike is a nice, casual walk with nothing too difficult. The worst part of the trail that I remember is that the trail can be a bit rocky at times.

NOTE: No guarantee that the rock monster will be present on the hike.