Backpacking 101-Salem

Have you always wanted to learn to backpack? Not sure where to get started? Not sure if you should bring that old Coleman lantern that’s been passed down through three generations? Thinking Chef Boyardee is a great backpacking dinner? Then this event is for you! This event is for anyone looking to get into backpacking and is designed for those whom have never backpacked before. Where do I camp? How the heck does this tent go up?

We are going to teach you everything you need to know in order to backpack. We’re going to start slow and before you know it, you’ll be a backpacking pro! (And we’ll work on loaning out gear to people, you don’t have to rush out and buy everything!)

An all-day workshop on backpacking. We’ll cover all the basics from clothing to tents to sleeping bags to leave no trace. We’ll also be doing lots of hands on stuff like fire building and bear bag hanging. If you have any gear bring it with you. You’ll also need to bring a picnic lunch. We’ll take a small break during the afternoon for lunch. Please dress for the weather, we will be outside (for most events). How NOT to backpack in the winter

Cost: $15 ($10 for current RATC members) per person day of event in cash. 

All participants of the classes will be invited on a BP101 backpacking trip designed especially for you!  You do not have to attend the trip in order to join the class, but you must take one of the classes in order to join on the trip.

The information for the trip and to sign up for the trip can be found: