Audie Murphy Memorial

The hike leader, Butch Kelly, does not use Meetup.  Therefore, to ask questions or to sign up for this hike, please phone him at  540-384-7429 or email him at

7.6 miles, strenuous terrain, $2.00 carpool fee

16 miles from Orange Market, 4.5-mile shuttle

Starting at the AT crossing on VA-621, we will cross a
low bridge, a high bridge over Craig Creek into Brush
Mountain East Wilderness, and then a series of five
low bridges. After a mile we will start the ascent of
Brush Mountain. At 3.2 miles the AT starts to follow
an old grassy road along the ridgecrest.  At 3.8 miles
we will take the blue-blaze about 50 yards to the Audie
Murphy memorial. The AT continues on the ridgecrest
and starts descending towards VA-620 at 4.6 miles.
There will be some nice vistas on the way down. At
7.6 miles we will finish at VA-620 and Trout Creek.