Annual Meeting, Banquet and Potluck

Please note, this is event is ONLY open to RATC members. Being a member of the meetup group is not the same as being a dues paying RATC member. If you would like to become a member you can do so at:

We will be voting on club officers for 2015. We will also be giving out annual awards, including the Charles Parry Volunteer of the Year Award, and the Honorary Lifetime Membership Award.  

Featured Speakers at Annual Banquet

Mark McClain and Diana Christopulos will be the featured speakers at our annual banquet. The title of their presentation is “English Walkabout – Unlimited Pathways”.Here is some background on their presentation: It is estimated that there are 140,000 miles of public rights of way available for hikers in England (and Wales, which operates under the same land use statutes). This presentation will explain and explore this amazingly extensive trail system with particular emphasis on the 15 “National Trails” which are the premier hiking routes. Maps, pictures, and other details of each of the National Trails will be presented.

2015 Nominees for RATC Board

President    Chris Wilson

Vice-President    Diana Christopulos

Secretary    Leigh Stover

Treasurer    Blanche Brower

Land Management Supervisor  Bruce Davidson

Conservation Supervisor  Larry Austin

Trail Supervisor    Jim Webb

Assistant Trail Supervisor  Mike Vaughn

Shelter Supervisors  Homer and Therese Witcher

Hikemaster  Edward Wilson

Newsletter Editor  Leigh Stover

Membership Coordinator  Brendle Wolfe

Counselor*    John Miller

Counselor* Linda King

Counselor*    Roger Holnback

Counselor*    Merv Brower (Elected Last year, Not up for reelection)

*Please note counselors are elected for 2 year terms all other positions are elected for 1 year terms.