2 Events 1 Day – Trash Dash in Green Hill Park – then – Hike Poor Mtn. Preserve

• What we’ll do
*Please keep your RSVP current, update them as needed if your plans change* Total event mileage will be around 7 miles and should be considered as a moderate to strenuous event. Please feel free to attend only one of these activities if both do not meet your interests or abilities. We’ll meet for the Trash Dash and afterwards whoever wants to hike Poor Mountain can carpool up the hill 6.5 miles to the parking area.

Trash Dash Info – This will be a walk on the Greenway in Green Hill Park and a short hike into the woods behind the ball fields. We’ll come down on the other side of park near the Equestrian Center, and then head around to the parking lot. This will be about a 3 mile total event and should be considered as easy to moderate. I invite all attendees to bring an old grocery bag and we can pick up a bit of debris while we’re out and help the appearance of the park. The trash pickup part isn’t a requirement to attend this event at all, it’s just a suggestion. We’ll meet at the first parking lot on the right hand side, which you should see immediately upon entering the park.

Poor Mtn Preserve Hike Info – 4 miles or so total. In autumn, the forest slopes and ridgetops of Poor Mountain are brightened by the brilliant yellow foliage of piratebush. Poor Mountain Natural Area Preserve protects the world’s largest population of this globally rare shrub, which is restricted to only a handful of sites in the mountains of Virginia, Tennessee, and North Carolina. The mountain is named for its impoverished soils weathered from metamorphosed sandstone bedrock. The ridgetop, 3,000 feet in elevation, is predominantly a xeric Table Mountain pine and oak woodland. Piratebush is a dominant understory shrub in this community along with huckleberry and blueberry. Piratebush is also found with mountain laurel in the hemlock ravines and mesic pine forests of the lower elevations.


• What to bring
Plenty of water and snacks, maybe a few plastic bags for trash pick up, also gloves if you require them. I’m thinking we’ll take a break after the Trash Dash to snack and another break at the bottom of the Preserve beside the creek.

• Important to know
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